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Oldest Known Ancestor

Information on this line has been traced through church records and recorded by the Smouse Family Association.

Charles Schmaus
Charles Schmaus was born Jun 11, 1281 in Germany. Charles was known as a merchant.

Child of Charles Schmaus and wife unknown:

Jacob Schmaus
Jacob Schmaus was born Apr 29, 1319 in Germany.

Children of Jacob Schmaus and wife unknown:

Adam Schmaus
Adam Schmaus was born Apr 23, 1342 in Germany.

Children of Adam Schmaus and wife unknown:

Daniel Schmaus
Daniel Schmaus was born Sep 19, 1370 in Germany.

Children of Daniel Schmaus and wife unknown:

Peter Schmaus
Peter Schmaus was born Jul 14, 1401 in Germany.

Children of Adam Schmaus and wife unknown:

Henry Schmaus
Henry Schmaus was born Jun 08, 1436 in Germany.

Child of Henry Schmaus and wife unknown:

Michael Schmaus
Michael Schmaus was born Feb 12, 1459/60 in Germany.

Children of Michael Schmaus and wife unknown:

Henry Schmaus
Henry Schmaus was born Nov 20, 1485 in Germany.

Child of Henry Schmaus and wife unknown:

Charles Schmaus
Charles Schmaus was born Oct 20, 1521 in Germany and married Mary Beacker about 1549.

Child of Charles Schmaus and Mary Beacker:

John Schmaus
John Schmaus was born Mar 19, 1549/50 in Germany.

Child of John Schmaus and wife unknown:

Adam Schmaus
Adam Schmaus was born Jan 24, 1582/83 in Germany and married Gretchen "Margaret" Bauer.

Children of Adam Schmaus and Gretchen "Margaret" Bauer:

William Schmaus
William Schmaus was born Dec 14, 1610 in Germany and married Elizabeth Staker.

Children of William Schmaus and Elizabeth Staker:

George Schmaus
George Schmaus was born May 10, 1638 in Germany and married Anna Pflug.

Children of George Schmaus and Anna Pflug:

Peter Schmaus
Peter Schmaus was born Aug 23, 1665 in Germany and married Mary Fleishman.

Children of Peter Schmaus and Mary Fleishman:

Henry Schmaus
Henry Schmaus was born Feb 02, 1687/88 in Germany and married Catherine Foltz.

Children of Henry Schmaus and Catherine Foltz:

John Smouse
John Smouse was born Apr 05, 1721 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and married Mary Wohlfrom in Loudoun County, Virginia. John died in 1794 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Notes about the father John Smouse:
John, in the company Casper Lutz, Valentine Wilt, Elias Nicholas Bender, Philip Smeltzer and Christian Miller, set sail at Bremen, Germany, for the New World as it was then called, and after a tempestuous voyage landed at Baltimore, Maryland, Sep 19, 1738.

He remained in the city of Baltimore for only a few weeks, then he went to Loudoun County, Virginia. He engaged with an old pioneer to drive team, which vocation he followed until the spring of 1740, when he began farming. He also had a team of his own carrying freight from Baltimore into the settlements in Loudoun County, Virginia. During the French and Indian War he and Christian Miller were in the employ of the Government. They were hauling supplies and helped to cut a road from Carlisle to Fort Bedford. He was present with his team when that fierce battle was fought at Bloody Run, now Everett, Pennsylvania. He was one of eighteen men who with Captain Stone rescued six prisoners that were to be burned by the Indians. On the day following that of the battle, Captain Stone being apprised of the doom awaiting the captives, called for volunteers to go at dead of night and rescue, if possible, their unfortunate comrades. Eighteen responded, and at midnight they started. Silently they marched through the forest, and when the first rosy hue of dawn appeared on the eastern horizon, with brave hearts and strong hands they dashed among the wigwams of the Indian camp and rescued their comrades, only one of the eighteen having received a slight wound.

It was at this time that John first saw the land or piece of ground in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, which he purchased in 1785. The deed for said land being dated August 24, 1785.

Notes about the mother Mary Wohlfrom:
Mary was a redemptionist, that is, she had to serve four years as servant girl to a wealthy land owner, who had paid her fare for passage from Germany to America.

Notes about John and Mary's children:
David served in the War of 1812 with his brother Michael, working as teamsters with their own teams for the government. After the war he returned to his farm in Friends Cove, Bedford Co, Pennsylvania.

George Adam owned a distillery at that time and had loaded fifteen barrels of apple jack to be taken to Baltimore when news reached him that a squad of soldiers were in the community taking every horse fit for service. His hired man, had just harnessed six horses, when the soldiers were seen coming over the bridge. Instantly he mounted the saddle horse, as it was then called, and driving the others ahead, he swam them across the river, took to the mountains, and thereby saved the horses. The apple jack never reached Baltimore, but it did reach the stomach of many a weary soldier.

Peter settled near Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland in 1791, moving from Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Children of John Smouse and Mary Wohlfrom:

George Adam Smouse
George Adam Smouse was born about 1750 in Loudoun County, Virginia and married Elizabeth Koontz.

Children of George Adam Smouse and Elizabeth Koontz:

Adam Smouse
Adam Smouse was born about 1792 in Pennsylvania and married Eva Diehl.

One of the children, Isaac, and Isaac's son Adam Scott ran a livery stable at Gettysburg, South Dakota in late 1880. He and his family moved in the early 1900's to North Dakota and later went to Alberta, Canada.

Children of Adam Smouse and Eva Diehl:

Samuel Smouse
Samuel Smouse was born 1826 in Pennsylvania and married Harriet Thomas. Samuel moved from Pennsylvania and went West with his family in 1869. He engaged in farming near Redfield, Iowa. Later he moved to Guthrie Center, Iowa. Harriet was born 1837 and died 1898 in Guthrie County, Iowa. Samuel died Jul 11, 1886 and is buried in Melville Township Cemetery in Audubon County, Iowa.

Children of Samuel Smouse and Harriet Thomas:

Asenath Annie Smouse
Asenath Annie Smouse was born Feb 02, 1862 in Pennsylvania. Asenath married Louis "Jack" Sauvago in Guthrie County, Iowa. Asenath died Aug 09, 1937, and both Asenath and Louis are buried in Seely Township Cemetery, Guthrie County, Iowa.

Children of Asenath Annie Smouse and Louis "Jack" Sauvago: