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Oldest Known Ancestor

Conrad Hoopingarner
Conrad Hoopingarner was born in Bedford, Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth (last name unknown), and died Jul 03, 1837 in Lawrence Co, Indiana.

Children of Conrad and Elizabeth Hoopingarner were:

Daniel Hoopingarner
Daniel Hoopingarner was born 1807 in Bullitt County, Kentucky; married Elizabeth McKegg on Nov 22, 1827 in Lawrence County, Indiana; and died in Lawrence County.

Children of Daniel Hoopingarner and Elizabeth McKegg were:

Leanna Hoopingarner
Leanna Hoopingarner was born Jul 09, 1831 in Lawrence County, Indiana and married Robert Reynolds Mar 15, 1849. Leanna and Robert moved to Guthrie County, Iowa between 1852 and 1859, where their third child was born. Leanna died Jan 10, 1915 in Audubon County, Iowa. Leanna and Robert were both buried in Moffitts Grove Cemetery.

Children of Leanna Hoopengarner and Robert Reynolds were: