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Willowview Cemetery
Wagoner Ford Road
Harrison Township, Montgomery County, Ohio

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View of entrance to the newer section of Willowview on the North side of the road.
All pictures taken in 2000 by Carolyn J. Burns

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View across the older section of Willowview on the South side of the road.

Information about this cemetery was obtained from the Willow View Cemetery Association Constitution and Bylaws with Rules and Regulations, November 13, 1943.

"The cemetery, which is still active, is located on Wagoner Ford Road in Harrison Township, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. Coordinates are NE 1/4 Section 15, Town 2, Range 6 East, located along Wagoner Ford Road, going east. Sections A, B, C, and D are located on the south side of said road, adjacent to the east side of the Church of God. Other cemetery sections are located on the north side of Wagoner Ford Road. The cemetery is listed on the 1875 and 1895 Atlas of Montgomery County.

In 1897, several public-spirited citizens of Harrison Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, seeing the demand and necessity for a final resting place for the dead, established Willow View Cemetery. A Charter was secured from the Legislature of Ohio and work began.

From a small tract of land originally purchased, this Cemetery has now grown into one of the leaders in the field. Due to the beautiful surroundings of willow trees the name "Willow View" was selected."

Tombstone Readings for the name Johnson and Edmisten that include the only legible information, documented by the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society and recorded in the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library:


  • Florence Edmisten 1895-1979
  • Clarence Edmisten 1887-1958
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  • Leora R. Johnson June 28, 1920-May 18, 1994
  • Horace F. Johnson - Aug. 25, 1917-Feb. 16, 1978
  • Veteran's Marker - Horace F. Johnson, Sgt US Army 1917-1978

  • Clarence "Butch" Johnson - July 2, 1941-Oct. 13, 1994


  • View of Three Headstones