Poplar Hill Cemetery

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Poplar Hill Cemetery
South Dixie Drive (Route 25)
Vandalia, Butler Township, Montgomery County, Ohio

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View near entrance to the cemetery.
All pictures taken in 2000 by Carolyn J. Burns

Information about this cemetery was obtained from the City of Vandalia Home Page.

Poplar Hill Cemetery, which is located on South Dixie Drive, was established on October 28, 1895. (South Dixie Drive in Vandalia not to be confused with South Dixie Drive in Moraine, Ohio south of Dayton.) Poplar Hill became a municipal cemetery in 1968 when the general area was annexed by the City of Vandalia. The cemetery is now maintained by the City's Service and Parks Departments. The cemetery records of ownership and burials are kept on file in the City Engineer's office.

William Compton and his wife Patty, along with several other individuals, were buried on Compton Farm on National Road (US 40, Brown School Road) in Butler Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio. New housing construction destroyed the cemetery. The remains and tombstones were moved to Poplar Hill Cemetery. All of these tombstones and burials are at the back of the cemetery in three rows.

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View of all the tombstones that were moved from the Compton Farm Cemetery.

Tombstone Readings for the name Compton that include the only legible information, personally read by Carolyn Johnson Burns:


  • William Compton
    In Memory of William Compton who died May 17, 1842 aged 77 years
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  • Patty Compton
    the Wife of William Compton Sen. was born June the 13th 1762 and died July the 23rd 1837 aged 75 years 10 days