Moffitts Grove Cemetery

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Moffitts Grove Cemetery
Victory Township, Guthrie County, Iowa
Located West of Yale, Iowa

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Entrance to Moffitts Grove Cemetery.
Picture taken in 1996 by Carolyn J. Burns.

About 1856 a stage road was established from Des Moines to Sioux City, Iowa across the northeast part of Guthrie County. A stagecoach station was located at Moffitt's Grove where horses were changed, and meals were available. A post office was operated there from 1853 until 1883, this site being a short distance south of the cemetery. The only remaining symbol of this community is Moffitts Grove Cemetery.

Information taken from "Past & Present of Guthrie County, Iowa," which was published in 1907:
Moffitts Grove Cemetery was established in 1880. The land on which it consists was donated for the purpose. R.T. and Lydia A. Chambers deeded one acre...Thomas Moffitt, likewise, deeded one acre adjoining Chambers' land. In June of 1882, J. D. Lonsdale surveyed the land and designated lots. The first burial in the cemetery occurred many years before its initiation--Henry Moffitt was interred there in 1858.

Tombstone Readings for the Bell and Reynolds surnames that include the only legible information:


  • John J. Bell, Husband of Mary E. Bell, died Mar 26, 1878 aged 57 yrs 7 mos (GAR Marker - Civil War Veteran, enlisted 1861, discharged 1863)
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  • Nancy Reynolds wife of Thomas L. Reynolds died Apr 28, 1864 age 69 yr 9 mo 22 da
  • Robert Reynolds born Feb 1, 1828 died Oct 7, 1886
  • Leaner Reynolds born Jul 9, 1830 died Jan 10, 1914

  • Allettie Reynolds died Apr 11, 1887 age 4 yr 5 mo 14 da parents S. & A. Reynolds
  • James Reynolds died Jun 15, 1880 age 12 yr 3 mo 6 da son of M. J. & J. H. Reynolds
  • Samuel Reynolds died Jun 19, 1880 age 7 yr 3 mo 13 da son of M. J. & J. H. Reynolds
  • Mary Jane Reynolds born Dec 19, 1845 died Mar 26, 1915 "Mother Mary Jane"
  • J. H. Reynolds born Jul 10, 1819 died May 10, 1903
  • Thomas Lightfoot Reynolds born Jul 11, 1870 died May 4, 1922
  • Albinus Reynolds born May 30, 1865 died Jul 26, 1934
  • Robert G. Reynolds born May 30, 1865 died Jul 26, 1934