Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery

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Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery
8135 North Dixie Drive (Butler Township)
Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio 45414

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Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery sign and view of pond from North Dixie Drive.
Pictures taken in 2003 by Carolyn Johnson Burns

The Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery is located on the west side of North Dixie Drive, south of Little York Road. All records for this cemetery are at the cemetery office. In addition to excellent computerized burial records, the cemetery office has maintained books containing obituaries for people buried in the cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of burials.
Gravestone readings below are listed in alphabetical
order and not row order:


  • Anna Brokschmidt, 1889-1934
  • William H. Brokschmidt, 1859-1934
  • Elizabeth Brokschmidt, 1861-1948

    View of both front and back of stone. Back shows the name Fallis, believed to be for Lillie Fallis who is buried in the same plot.


  • Helen Gifford, 1906-1947

    Grave of Helen Linsmayer who married John Gifford on June 30, 1924.


  • Linsmayer Stone

    Plot marker and view of Linsmayer plot.

  • Anna Linsmayer, 1882-1924

    Grave of Anna (Johnson) Linsmayer, daughter of Edward and Sophia (Broxey/Brocksick) Johnson. Anna was born Nov 28, 1882 in Montgomery County, Ohio and died there on Jul 6, 1924, seven days after her husband Louis died.

  • Baby Linsmayer

    Infant of Louis and Anna (Johnson) Linsmayer.

  • Carl Linsmayer, 1917-1937

    Grave of Carl Linsmayer, son of of Louis and Anna (Johnson) Linsmayer.

  • Louis Linsmayer, 1879-1924

    Grave of Louis Linsmayer, son of Charles and Anna (Hurberman) Linsmayer. Louis was born Jun 28, 1879 in Beirn, Germany and died in Montgomery County, Ohio on Jun 29, 1924.


  • Schulte Plot

    View of Schulte plot.

  • Mother, Ellen E. Schulte, 1906-1980
  • Father, William H. Schulte, 1897-1986