Johnson Cemetery

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Johnson Cemetery
Rip Rap Road (Wayne Township)
Huber Heights, Montgomery County, Ohio

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View of Johnson Cemetery from Rip Rap Road.
Picture taken in 1996 by Carolyn J. Burns

The Johnson Cemetery is located on land that was originally owned by John Stoker. The land was deeded to Joseph House Johnson and the cemetery established in the 1820's. The first known burial was Joseph H. Johnson, the three-year old son of Joseph House Johnson, in 1823. The land lies on the eastern bank of the Great Miami River. Many tombstones were washed away or destroyed in the Great Flood of 1913. The land closest to the road and farthest from the river is now used as a pauper's cemetery. Gravestone readings that include the only legible information, documented in Wayne Township:


  • Elizabeth A. Adams wife of Isaac-died Oct 14, 1853


  • Cornelius Gram born Dec 14, 1813-died Jul 6, 1848
  • Delilah Gram born May 22, 1818-died Jan 4, 1879


  • Anna Herchelrode born Apr 11, 1854-died Feb 2, 1874


  • Reese Johnson born Aug 30, 1835-died Jun 28, 1900
  • Edward L. Johnson born Feb 26, 1851 (?)-died Dec 29, 1876
  • Clarissa Johnson died Aug 9, 1877-age 22yrs 3da
  • Maria Johnson wife of Thomas-died Jul 17, 1852-age 34 yrs
  • John Johnston died Mar 14, 1842-age 29yrs 8mo 10da
  • Harriet Johnston Dau of John & Mary-died Jul 18, 1847-age 6yr 8mo 2da
  • Mary M. Johnston Dau of John & Mary-died Aug 10, 1840-age 3yr 5mo 2da
  • William Johnson died Apr 30, 1872-age 65yr 7mo 21da
  • Margaret Johnson wife of Wm-died Apr 25, 1842-age 31yr 5mo 27da
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  • Hannah M. Johnson wife of Wm-died Sep 20, 1848-age 27yr 8da
  • Jane Johnson wife of D.M.-born Aug 24, 1843-died Jan 1, 1870
  • Daniel Johnson born Aug 14, 1814-died Nov 13, 1884
  • Margaret Johnson born Jun 6, 1808-died Jun 24, 1883
  • Dennis Johnson son of D&M-died Nov 20, 1862-age 21yr 6mo 13da
  • Isaac Johnson son of D&M-died Aug 12, 1833-Infant
  • Joseph Johnson son of Dan'l & Marg't-died Apr 28, 1861-age 29yr 2mo 25 da
  • William H. Johnson son of R&M-died Nov 30, 1863-Infant
  • Margaret Johnson dau of R&M died Nov 28, 1862-age 4yr 2mo 6da
  • William Johnson died Oct 10, 1870-age 30 yr 7mo 25 da
  • Joseph Johnson born May 30, 1827-died Jul 10, 1827
  • Joseph H. Johnson born Jun 1820-died Apr 1823
  • Isaac Johnson born Mar 10, 1810-died Dec 15, 1830
  • Joseph Johnson born Mar 12, 1785-Bound in Holy Matrimony Oct 5, 1805 to M. E. Stoker-Father of thirteen living children-died Sep 25, 1834
  • Mary E. Johnson wife of Joseph-died Mar 7, 1844-age 55yrs 3mo 23da


  • Jerome Kauffman son of John & Henrietta-died Aug 13, 1850-age 4yr


  • Nancy Stoker wife of Abraham-died Mar 13, 1856-age 42yr 7mo 7da
  • Elizabeth Stoker wife of William-died Aug 25, 1854-age 25yr 4mo 2da
  • Critton Stoker died Jul 11, 1865-age 78yr 11mo 1da
  • Sarah Stoker died Oct 1, 1830-age 44yr
  • Laura E. Stoker dau of Wm & Elizabeth-died Apr 5, 1853-age 4yr


  • Samuel Wiggim son of Andrew & Emma J.-died Feb 3, 1846-Infant