Concord Cemetery

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Concord Cemetery
1123 S. Main Street (Randolph Township)
Englewood, Montgomery County, Ohio

View of Concord Cemetery
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View of Concord Cemetery and the old Concord Methodist Church from Main Street.
Picture taken in 2000 by Carolyn J. Burns

The Concord Cemetery is located in the churchyard by the old Concord Methodist Church. Concord Church was first established in 1819 when George Hoffman, a farmer from Pennsylvania, formed a Methodist "class meeting." As lay preacher, he led services and helped circuit riders. Concord was a religious and social center for farm families.

The pioneers built a log church in 1824 and after it burned, a brick church in 1849 was built. With an addition, the Concord Church-on-the-Hill served until a large modern building was erected in 1962 and 1968.

Gravestone readings that include the only legible information for the names Herr, Nickel, Parrish, Schoenherr, and Stebleton:


  • Thomas R. Herr 1854-1922
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  • Mary Herr 1861-1947
  • Charles G. 1889-1956
  • Marguerite I. 1899-1996
  • Leroy Herr 1854-1922


Headstones of Charles and Fredericka (Snyder) Nickel

Come Ye Blessed - Father and Mother

Front of gravestone.
  • Charles Nickel (illegible letters) - died Apr. 25, 1825, Aged 72 Yrs

Side of gravestone.
  • Fredericka Nickel 1833-1912

Fredericka's gravestone, located to the right of Charles' gravestone.

  • William T. Nickel 1864-1931
  • Charles Nickel 1858-1939
  • Henry Nickel 1871-1947
  • Fred Nickel 1862-1925


  • Mary E. Parrish 1871-1950
  • Richard E. Parrish 1963-1925

Catherine E. (Nickel) Schoenharr was the daughter of Charles and Fredericka Nickel. Mary E. Parrish was Catherine's daughter.


  • Catherine F. Schoenharr 1862-1925
  • George P. Schoenharr 1845-1925
See Parrish picture above.


  • Eliza S.

Eliza (Nickel) Stebleton was the daughter of Charles and Fredericka Nickel.